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Brian Nealon   1989   Falls - PA
Message: I can't wait to join this club I hope you send letters to the coolest rapper himself Eminem
Cansev Hassan   1983   London - United Kingdom
Message: Eminem is the best rapper i've heard and i love him so much!! Anyone who thinks his shit is whack, "I JUST DONT GIVE A F*@k!!
Anthony Schwartz   1980  San Antonio - TX
Message: Hello this is the first time I have been a member of a fan club so I don't know what to say, but i'm a big fan of eminem and I thought it would be fun to try it out.
Tugsavul Gültekin   1975   Ankara - Turkey
Message: hii lam living in turkey lam student l want a new friend
Derek Tibbits   1973   Brampton - Ontario - Canada
Message: I'll admit, I hadn't heard of Eminem until the Marshall Mathers LP, and I passed it off as just another rapper trying make a name for himself by being controversial.  That was about a year ago or so.  I even told my co-worker not to buy the CD, because it wasn't worth the disc it was printed on.  HOWEVER...he did buy it, and recently we've been playing it quietly at work.  Working late a couple of weeks ago, I started listening to the lyrics.  Normally, I give every band or singer a chance before boycotting them.  I didn't in this case.  Mistake on my part.  Must be my age showin. Eminem has gained my respect (not that he cares) and I have found a permanent CD in my player.  This guy is a mutherfukin genius!  I love the way he puts rhymes and words together.  I am a song writer myself, and I wouldn't even dream up some of this shit.  This guy blows my mind.  This here is an apology to ALL Eminem fans out there for jumping the gun and not giving a guy his due.  Favourite song...The Way I Am, followed by Stan, then Kim.  We even visited Shady Lane on the way back from Ohio once.  Glad I finally opened my mind.
Spencer Hall   1987   Winder - Georgia
Message: EMINEM RULES!!!!!!!!
Charlotte Carter   Darlington - County Durham - UK
Message: I am a really big Eminem fan. Stay cool every 1. Eminem is DA BOMB
Frances Lynn   1983   Belfast - Northern Ireland
Message: Eminem is the coolest
Darran Atkinson   1983   Sunderland - UK
Message: this club is cool
Mika Harutyunyan   1987   Yerevan - Armenia
Message: hi i so happy to enter your fun club and i need a EMINEM's e-mail
Eylem Altan   1983   Kocaeli - Turkey
Message: Wasssup?! I am in luv with eminem!! He is the best rapper out there today. I luv you eminem, you're my hero!!!
Lina Ayoub   Jounieh - Lebanon
Message: None
Oguzcan Yenigün   1990   Istanbul - Turkey
Message: eminem i love you your song
Jonas Petkevicius   1988   Siauliai - Lithuania
Message: I love you slim. Ihave hair yelow too.
Troy Umm   1987   Perth - WA
Message: None
Isela   1982   Denver - CO
Message: I LOVE YOU EMINEM!!!!!!!!!
George Gilbert   1986   Lostwithiel - UK
Message: eminem is the best and phatest rapper ever come out of the closet!
Kaz Green   1985   Boston, Linclonshire - UK
Message: im a real BIG fan of EMINEM,hes the best rap artest out there.hes also really gorgeous and has a nice smile.
Nicki Winegardner   1985   Newark - Ohio
Message: I love Eminem!
Irina Romenenro   Gomel - Belarus
Message: I think you`re clever enought not to make stupid actions and say offended words to other people.
Mona Lopez   1984  Soledad - CA
Message: All I could say is that I'm his #1 fan. I don't care what they say. I love him.
Danielle Krescanko   1983   Pennsylvania - USA
Message: i'm shady
Melissa   1988   Redding - CA
Message: Hello to you
Karim Boufellah   1980  Alger - Algeria
Message: None
Jarrad Crouch   1987   Adelaide - Australia
Message: I am your biggest fan. I got all of your CD and Iam wating for new CD. I got poster of you. I want to be like you man. can I get an autographed photo please?

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