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Timmy Ly   1987   Miami - Florida
Message: I like Eminem. I think he is cool, and he is my favorite rapper.
Marlene Ramirez   1973  Alhambra - California
Message: None
Ould Amar Amine   1980   Sidibélabbés - Algeria
Message: i'm a real slim shady. we and eminem vs the world. we must protect him,someone wants to kill him.
Francesca Riva   1983   Modena - Italy
Message: None
Ipek Kiper   1984   Antalya - Turkey
Message: hi sLim sHadYs! i'm a sLim sHadY.. i loVe eminem! He is wonderfuL. HiS songS are beautifuL..I LoVe Him.. WE FUCK THIS WORlD!!!! hi all slim shadys! do you like violance? ok.. c u later
Boufellah Karim   1981   Alger - Algeria
Message: None
Melissa Baryzdlo   1981   Prospect - CT
Message: None
Donna Harris   1981   Louisville - KY
Message: None
Jacob Melton   1989   Bradyville - Tennessee
Message: None
James Dobson   Wakefield - UK
Let Me Join Please. Try My Eminem Site
Özge Bayramli   1984   Istanbul - Turkey
Message: i really love eminem and think he is really best rapper in this fuckin world
Alper Bostan   1979   Kayseri - Turkey
Message: eminem kral sensin dostum
Kine Kyrkjebo   Bergen - Norway
Message: Eminem rules!....
Belen Lopez   1987   Sevilla - Spain
Message: hey!!!!! :) whats up people???!!!
Amanda   1985   Bakersfield - California
Message: hey guys..i am the greatest em fan and i would love to get to know more em fans!
Desourdy Jean-Marc   Coteau Du Lac - Canada
Message: im fuckig happy to join the club
Ruth Waqa   1977   Brisbane - Australia
Message: Is Eminem even contemplating on touring in Australia, WHEN he overcomes this stupid courtcase thingie????????? I hope so. He obviously has a lot of fans out here in Australia. Also can I order one of his posters. The one with him standing in front of the red car. All the best, Marshall!
Krystel Catalano   1985   Sydney - Australia
Message: can i join your cool fanclub?
Phil P   1980   Bristol - UK
Message: Tha Drugz Really Got A Hold On Me....................!
Oulfa Jellouli   1982   Orléans - France
Message: hi there! Eminem is so great, he well selling here in France!! so keep going like that!!!
Devon Warren   1973  Huntington Beach - California
Message: Halloa all! Eminem is a very talented, interesting person I respect more than anyone else. He is my hero! Although don't worry I am not going to kill anyone or blow up the world or anything! Devon
Layla Rastegar   1978   Baton Rouge - US
Message: I honestly think that Iam your biggest fan.I am sure alot of people tell you this but I really am.I am a female that listens to your music everywhere,in my car,my house and @ work.I am a Persian and I live in Louisiana.I unfortunately missed your concert on Aug5,here in New Orleans.Somehow,for some reason I relate to your songs,just like Stan.Alright it is time for me to smoke some "HYDRO" and pop a 'V'.Pease!
Paula Butler   1983   Southend - Essex - UK
Message: Hello everyone. Just writing to say hi because im new. Paula
Charlie Davis   1986  London - England
Message: HEY! This club looks class, I love Eminem and all his music, so cya!
Danielle Checke   1981   Lake Hiawatha - New Jersey
Message: None

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