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Jocinda Heikes   1982   Marysville - PA
Message: None
Liseli Dyette   1981   Brooklyn - NY
Message: I just want the club and E to know keep being real and doiny your thing u just don't give a u know what but i am feeling the lyrics its all real.
Natile Perez   1984   Bronx - New York City
Message: None
Paige Livingood   1988   Paris - Kentucky
Message: I Love Eminem SOOOOOOO Much!!! I am one of his biggest friends!!! He is sooo hott and he sings the BEST songs EVER!!!!!!
Katrina Saschuk   1985   Pembroke - MA
Message: hey guys i think this is awesome cuz I absolutley admire Eminem! I think he is the most talented rapper out there right now!
Jessica Iversen   1984   Johnson City - NY
Message: None
Lindsay Darby   1983   Brook Park - Ohio
Message: None
Zeynep Özgür   1983   Istanbul - Turkey
Message:Eminem is always the best! I would like to meet all of you!
Gabriel Espinoza   1986   Commack - NY
Message: Eminem is the best
Tom Kisiel   1987   Lancaster - New York
Message: I think eminem is the best rapper there is out there and if anyone thinks different i will kick ur a$$
Tracy Green   1987   Long Island Holbrook - NY
Message: I am the biggest Eminem Fan i have every pic he ever took my room is coverd of him.  I like him cause he is not afraid to speak the truth.
Joel Wintermantle   1978   Chicago - Illionis
Message: None
Tim Duggan   1987   Sonoma - California
Message: "If I offended you, good, cuz I still don give a fuck!" - Eminem, Slim Shady LP
Lina Lee   1986   Alhambra - California
Message: None
Debra Dubuque   1986   Midvale - Utah
Message: None
Brenna Rahe   1986   Traverse City - Michigan
Message: Eminem is the most hottest singer..his lyrics dont affend me in any way, and their totally awesome. I love Eminem so much i would die to meet him any day!~
Katy Anderson   1988   Elridge - IA
Message:hey i want to be on the mailing list and the eminem club so PUT ME ON IT... THANX katy
Kryston Dawnn   1981   Miland - Texas
Message: None
Christie   1981   New Jersey
Message: None
Rochelle Schiff   1982  Superior - Wisconsin
Message: i am THE biggest Eminem fan you will ever meet! My wall has all Eminem posters and collages of Eminem on it. His name is tattooed on my back and 3 of my relationships went down the drain because they said i'm too obsessed with my man Em.
I don't care if i'm obsessed!!!!!!!! Look at him, wouldn't you be obsessed too? I've given many things up that were very valuable just because they had a picture or something of him that i didn't have. I have both his CDs, all the pictures of him possible that i can find, i know all his lyrics to his songs and love every one of them, i know what his tattoos are of because i did researched  them on the internet, i know about all his lawsuits and i've read all the articles that have been put out on him.
My name is Rochelle Schiff and i am 18 years old and i've been trying to get tickets to one of Em's concerts or get to meet him for the longest time now. Everytime i get asked what i want, i say, "bring me to meet Eminem." I LOVE HIM and i love his music and the way he expresses himself. He's not afraid of the world and that's what makes me respect him so highly. I even made a poem for him that i entered into a poetry contest. Please add me to your fan club and contact me ASAP if anything new happens to him.
Thank you, Rochelle A. Schiff
Melisa Schreck   1986   Jacksonville - Florida
Message: None
Yolanda Robinson   1981  Waterbury - Connecticut
Message: None
Chaal Burkes   1987   Waterbury - Connecticut
Message: None
Tiffany Jackson   1984   Troy - Michigan
Message: Hey! I absolutly love EM he is the best rapper ever! I have his book, two cds, and a couple biographies! He is sooo HOTT!
Ashley Taylor   1987   Running Springs - CA
Message: I LOVE EMINEM!!!!!!!
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