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Chris Heppell   1987   Hull - England
Message: None
Apinya   1982   Bangkok - Thailand
Message: hi i''m from thailand.i want to know about eminem.Everything! nice to meet you everybody  . thanx.
Dee-Dee Morgan   1980   Grand Falls - Windsor - Newfoundland
Message: Hello
Fredrik Elfman   1989   Markaryd - Sweden
Message: EMINEM RULEZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mohd Nizam   1981   Muar - Johor - Malaysia
Message: do the best
Amber Oechsner   1986   Gates - Oregon
Message: please add me!!!!!
Mc_Lanet   1984   Konya - Turkey
Message: hii love you to the brinking of death in fact
Stephanie Amber Brayton   1981   Riverton - Wyoming
Message: Eminem is #1 and I wworship the ground he walks on
Doga Karamenderes   1991   Izmir - Turkey
Message: I''m 11 years old and a fanatic of M.M. I''m always drawing pictures of him. I''m very good in it.I LOVE YOU EMINEM.. DOGA FROM TURKEY
Kevin Bowman   1981   Brussels - ON - Canada
Message: No matter how big the enemy is just ''''Pull The Plug.''''and kick the fuck out of them, stand your ground like what slim says in his lyrics.
Caitlin Dailey   1988   Carlsbad - California
Message: i have been a fan since eminem has come out. he is the hottest man alive i plan to sleep over night at the theatre to be the first one to see his movie. i am really obsessed with him and know every lil thing about him.
Claudia Lopez   1986   Hawthorne - CA
Message: hey wasup jus writing cuz i had yeah.hope u guys will b homies and chat some time 4 a bit l-8-ers!
Will Kemler   1989   Lancaster - WI
Message: eminem rock i wish i could meet him
Jared White   1990   Lincoln City - OR
Message: eminem is the best singer in the world his songs are cool if any one thinks he sucks i think there rong
Carmyn Trejo   Stephenville - TX
Message: hey yall, just want to say i luv eminem so much and am real proud to be on here. He''s so hott and his music''s so great!!!!!!!! carmyn
Chelsey Cox   1984   Milan - Minnesota
Message: HEy whats up Yall I am the biggest F*ckin Eminem Fan u will ever meet my room is filles with his posters and pics n sh*t and also i have every one of his cd''s and i kno every damn thing about him u can write me an email if u want asking me anything on eminem and i will tell u my email is and u beter not diss eminem or ill fuc*in hunt u down and beat u up love yall who loves eminem (hes very sexy too the sexiest guy i ever met
Thomas Ensor   1990   Council Bluffs - Iowa
Message: None
Jessica Schmidt   1984   New York - NY
Message: Wut''s up? I love EMINEM!
Tasha   1987   Mashpee - MA
Message: I am the #1 eminEm fan...he is the best rapper. i love his music. he speaks the truth, for real.
Mike Collier   1985   DuBois - PA
Message: None
Carol Arnold   1979   Manchester - England
Message: can you send the fan club address
Jenny Severson   1983  La Crosse - Wisconsin
Message: None
Kristy Mitchell   1986   Kenilworth - QLD - Australia
Message: I love Em Please add me to the mailing list
Carrie Gerdes   1987   Lisle - IL
Message: eminem kicks ass!!!!
Fiorella Pistilli   Naples - Italy
Message: None

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